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What is the calibre on sunglasses?


Surely you’ve come across a time when your shopping for sunglasses and then you’re given a option of what calibre to get. You’re left scratching your head, asking yourself, what’s a calibre and which one do I choose? It’s very simple:



Just as clothes have sizes, so do many sunglasses, especially if you’re buying Ray-Ban. The intention of the size is so that they can adapt to any kind of face shape regardless of gender. The calibre is measured in millimetres (mm) providing you with the width of the lens.




So when you’re faced with calibre options, which one do you choose? Normally, the smaller calibre is equivalent to an M (medium) and the bigger size is an L (Large).  You will usually find that the smaller size are a better fit for females and the larger for males, however this is not a rule. It really depends on the type of face you have or the type of sunglasses you like (some like to wear XL sunglasses). Here’s some example: 



Example 1: These glasses come in 2 calibres: 58 y 62 – The 58 is perfect for small faces and the 62 is are for bigger faces, which are usually for a male fit. 



Example 2: With the Wayfarer you can also select calibre options but, as you can see, there’s a difference between this and the previous example. In this case, the size 50 is classed as S/M and the 54 is an L.



Example 3:  If you see only one size available, (such as the RayBan Clubmaster above), this size is classed as an M. This is the standard size for these glasses and should fit any face type.

We hope that you have found this guide helpful.  
Once you’ve chosen the model and the calibre that suits your face, you can enjoying your  brand new super sunglasses. Remember that delivery and returns are always free when you buy from our website www.withsunglasses.co.uk.


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