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Dior glasses that have to be yours this year

It’s a brand that has long been desired by many, in clothing just as much as accessories. They are adored and hold a privileged position in the ranking of luxury items. We’ll show you five ...
12 March, 2019

The Kardashian Clan Sunglasses

Being one of the most famous media families in the world means being in the spotlight 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Everything the Kardashians wear, ends up becoming a trend. That is ...
17 May, 2017
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What is the calibre on sunglasses?

Surely you’ve come across a time when your shopping for sunglasses and then you’re given a option of what calibre to get. You’re left scratching your head, asking yourself, what’s a calibre and which one do ...
13 February, 2017