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Popular sunglasses in spring 2017

The time changes and we change, but especially when it comes to this time of year. What happens when the days are longer, warm and sunny? Some speak of hormonal revolution, others of the most ...
31 March, 2017
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Sunglasses to go crazy for this Xmas

Like any other accessory, sunglasses go with the latest fashion. There are some that has a simple and basic look, but despite the passage of time, they never go out of fashion. However there are also some ...
21 December, 2016
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If you have taken a walk through the streets, especially if it’s surrounded by Fashion Week you would have been able to see the latest fashion trends including the latest in sunglasses. Today we will show ...
20 December, 2016
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The thing that comes to our mind when we talk about Arnette is, California. There are hundreds of surfboards await the arrival of that great wave that leads them to ride the waters of the Pacific ...
7 December, 2016
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CARRERA, much more than sunglasses

If there is something that highlights these famous sunglasses is that after each lens and frame, there is an exciting story. Today we stop at Carrera… you’re in for a surprise.       WHAT IS ‘IT’ ...
3 December, 2016
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Ray-Ban Signet, the revival!

Fashion is a cycle, but when it returns it does so with a new edgde… and Ray-ban have done it again. These sunglasses had been iconic once before and now the Ray-Ban Signet has been renewed and ...
26 October, 2016
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Sunglasses for less than £50

We’re at this point of the summer & you still haven’t got sunglasses! Many brands choose to offer their sunglasses at affordable prices. Today we will show you 10 sunglasses 10 sunglasses that are not ...
10 September, 2016

Hokana Sunglasses, Californian essence

Today we introduce you to a new brand of sunglasses that transports us to the deserts of California – Hokana Sunglasses. So what do these sunglasses have that the rest don’t? If anything defines them is that Hokana ...
1 September, 2016
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Hexagonal Sunglasses: The latest Ray-Ban

We are all now used to Ray-Ban with their signature retro style with a very modern touch.   Now the popular brand has surprised us all with their new glasses- they’re hexagonal! Their well-know frame ...
1 September, 2016