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Photochromic Lenses, Practical with Maximum Protection

Photochromic lenses are a technological innovation placed for all users that wear all types of glasses. The special feature of this type of lens is that they adapt (darken) to natural light. They are suitable for ...
19 December, 2017
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Autumn Gives Way for the New, in Sunglasses

This autumn has felt like the most nostalgic season since the year started. The summer season, ends to give way to a stage of transition that leaves behind the outdated and welcomes the new changes. ...
26 October, 2017
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CARRERA, much more than sunglasses

If there is something that highlights these famous sunglasses is that after each lens and frame, there is an exciting story. Today we stop at Carrera… you’re in for a surprise.       WHAT IS ‘IT’ ...
3 December, 2016
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Carrera – The Maverick Collection

For each season, companies launch designs that filled streets, beaches and spring evenings. The Italian firm offers sunglasses that revolutionise the industry. Today we share one of their latest submissions- The Maverick collection, now considered ...
5 April, 2016
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We start February with Valentine’s Day around the corner. Cupid is willing to shoot his arrows but, there are some details that’ll need to be fine-tuned to impress our love. Just like everything in life ...
5 February, 2016