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Sunglasses to go crazy for this Xmas


Like any other accessory, sunglasses go with the latest fashion. There are some that has a simple and basic look, but despite the passage of time, they never go out of fashion. However there are also some sunglasses that have been made for you to see the world in a different colour

Velvet, glitter, mother of pearls or strass, it’s the latest things that the brands we know and love are bringing out. If you thought winter was boring, take note! You will want to look at this list of sunglasses so you can look through during the special moments.


Fashion Sunglasses



If there is a fabric that the brands have surrendered to this season, it is without a doubt, the velvet. This soft fabric is not only used in our fashionable clothes, but is now also being used in our sunglasses.



RayBan Erika Velvet

Black frame
Silver lens. From Ray-Ban (£77.40)







Even the most prêt-a-porter brands are doing especially well with the use of flowers, beads and details in on their lenses. These are the glasses that you will not go unnoticed and will make the difference to your look.




Jimmy Choo Vivy/S-06K

Black frame
Double bridge with details at end of frame
Gradient black lenses. From Jimmy Choo (£312)





Miu Miu MU03SS-U691A1

Lilac frame with blue stones at the edges
Gradient black lenses. From Miu Miu (£245)





Bulgari BLACK BV8089K-5190T3

Black frame with gold details
Gradient black lenses
Gold arms with 3D stone attached. From Bulgari (£515.45)





Fendi FF 0041/S-9F6 (VQ)

Pink & gold frame
Mirrored pink lenses. From Fendi (£273)








With the more that usual parties coming up this season, the sunglasses firms are adding a touch of glamour to our look. That magic touch is simple to get – add a bit a gold.



Diorreflected-XX8 (3J)

Gold plated frame
Mirrored blue lenses. From Dior (£247.50)





Max&Co 296/S-TQ4

Gold & white frame
Mirrored gold lenses. From Max&co (£91)





Carrera 124/S

Gold frame
Brown lenses. From Carrera (£101.40)





Dior Split

Gold frame
Mirrored gold & pink lenses. From Dior (£322.50)





Fendi FF 0177/S-001 (OJ)

Gold frame
Mirrored gold fuschia lenes. From Fendi (£336)







There are sunglasses with their own personality. Glasses the have been designed to by simply unique.  It’s difficult to compile the most avant garde designs of this season, however this list will surely help you out to get into the holiday spirit.




Céline 41026/S -VNN (X9)

Havana frame
Gradient brown lenses. From CÉLINE (£203)





Dior Abstract A4E A4

Havana grey frame
Mirrored blue lenses. From Dior (£277.50)





Prada Cinema PR 09QS 1AB0A7

Black frame
Gradient black lenses. From Prada (£189)





Chloe CE124S-736

Gold frame
Gradients browns lenses. From Chloe (£215.60)





These are just some of the sunglasses that we are loving this period. We won’t have you go out on the streets looking any kind of way that’s why we want to help you to choose the sunglasses that will provide the added touch to your look that everyone will want to copy.

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