A splurge of style at the Cannes Film Festival

At the gates of the 70th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, the international film event oozes with style and presents the latest trends in sunglasses. From 17th to the 28 May in the city of France, the most popular celebrities and the most famous film directors stroll along the Promenade de la Croisette, one of the most prominent streets in France.

The Promenade de la Croisette Cannes is not only the world stage for cinema these days, it is also for fashion and luxury. The crème de la crème in the movie industry are there wearing their best, including the best sunglasses.

Yes, sunglasses are an essential accessory during the Cannes Film Festival. Why? Because the celebrities usually arrive by boat during the middle of the day, when the sun’s rays at its peak. Their looks are not the same without their sunglasses and nothing is left to chance: Their outfits are fully studied from head-to-toe from the best selfie posts to the thousands of paparazzi shots. 

The best glasses of the Cannes Featival

We present the most elegant sunglasses this year in Cannes. Attentive to the most stylish celebrities of this year, do you dare to copy the look?

Elle Fanning

The actress and American model did not want to miss this European event with international importance. She opted for simplicity both in her straight mane and in her shirt dress in pale tones. However she did offer distinction to her look with Miu Miu sunglasses made of rhinestones, which are a real gem.

Cannes Festival Sunglasses

Bella Hadid

Model Bella Hadid, sister of Gigi, enhanced her sex appeal with aviator-style sunglasses and semi-transparent lenses.

aviator sunglasses

Emilie Ratajkowski

The most wanted girl of the moment could not go amiss Cannes, wearing a multicoloured short chiffon dress, gold ring earrings and her unmistakable Ray Ban Round Metal sunglasses, which fit her so well.

Ratajkowski Sunglasses

Monica Belluci

The Italian is always beautiful and true to her unmistakable style and love of black and simple glasses. She wore a jumpsuit with a brooch on the neckline and opaque lenses by Ralph Lauren.

Monica Belluci Sunglasses

Jake Gyllenhaal

The apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree. With his father being a director and his mother a scriptwriter,  he also fell in love with cinema and is now director and actor and of course, had to attend Cannes. Jake Gyllenhaal always commits to good taste and discretion. That’s why opts for a full black classic and adds an extra touch with the tortoise shell Dior Homme sunglasses.

Dior Homme Sunglasses

Benjamin Biolay

The men are characterised in Cannes by their discreet and elegant style. The singer, songwriter and producer Benjamin Biolay did not disappoint with his outift.

benjamin biolay sunglasses

Adrien Brody

Oscar-winner Brody returns to Cannes with model Lara Lieto, whom he met in 2012 at this festival and with whom he has since maintained a loving relationship. Adrien is not one of those men who likes to attract attention, so he prefers to wear black and cover his face with dark, rectangular glasses with a  large-calibres, which could well be by Police- a very masculine brand.

adrien brody sunglasses

Susan Sarandon

One of the most laureate actresses. A veteran with talent in abundance. Sarandon wore sunglasses during the morning and evening!

susan sarandon sunglasses

Pedro Almodóvar

Spain’s veteran & international director, Pedro Almodóvar, president of the jury of the Official Competition of the Cannes Festival, showed his particular style with an elegant and casual look, combined with dark glasses. The screenwriter and producer was part of a press conference with actor Will Smith stating that he did not understand how two films produced by Netflix, which had not been released on the big screen, could be presented. Smith, a newcomer to the Festival and stars Netflix big budget, upcoming movie, Bright, had an opposing view but  despite this controversy, the former actor enjoyed the day.

Pedro Almodovar

Louane Emérita

The French singer and actress, popular for being semifinalist in La Voz (France), is always a breath of fresh air; With a red floral dress and the most elegant Celine sunglasses she needs no more to stand out. 

Celine Sunglasses

Kendall Jenner

Known for being one of the Victoria’s Secret angels, but also for belonging to the Kardashian clan (more info here), Kendall Jenner is one of the most popular faces in the media. Here she wears eye-cat sunglasses.

kendall jenner

Julianne Moore

The actress of Scottish origin appeared in a green dress and orange glasses of Celine, which matched perfectly with the colour of her hair. Flamboyant and stylish, the actress did not leave anyone feeling indifferent.

Colours Sunglasses

Robin Wright

Some still remember her for her role in the series Santa Barbara, but the truth is that Robin Wright has appeared in dozens of great movies like Forrest Gump, The Princess Prometheus and Money Ball. The American actress wore all black with black glasses, which could well be Emporio Armani for its elegance and conservatism.

Robin Wright Sunglasses


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