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Small glasses for small faces

It does not matter if you are tall or short, if you are thicker or thinner: The size of the glasses is independent of other body factors.  That is, if you measure 1.90 meters tall and weigh 100kg you do not have to wear the largest size of glasses. The face is different on each person and, if yours is smaller, this post may interest you! We will show you some of the most popular sunglasses for smaller faces on the market.

How to measure our face?

This image from Ray Ban illustrates is a very good example of the method that you have to follow to check if you need a bigger or smaller size. In optical slang we use the word ‘calibre‘. So, what is the calibre? It is the horizontal distance, in millimetres, between the widest part of a lens and its end.

  1. The image shows the approximate width of standard size lenses.
  2. Stand in front of a mirror and place the card in the center of your nose. Where does the other end, end?
  3. A= If the edge of the credit card ends at the end of the eye, your size is the standard.

      B= If the card extends beyond the end of the eye, the calibre of your glasses will be small.

      C= If the credit card does not reach the end of the eye, you should choose the large size.

Other factors to take into consideration after you have chosen your size is the face shape, hair colour and complexion, but we will talk more about those in another blog post.  Here are some suggested glasses for the smaller face that hit the mark every time. 

Sunglasses for small faces

Round Metal Flash Lenses

These glasses are not a fad, in their mirrored version they are a must have for these times that give you a relaxed look as the temperatures rise. Despite being one of the most desired accessories last summer, this year they are once again making an appearance in a variety of colours. And remember, little face? Opt for the calibre 47mm!

Round sunglasses

Gucci GG1127/S

Having a small face does not mean having to wear small lenses. There are acetate and metallic models that cover the eyes and adapt to the face. For example, take a look at these elegant Gucci glasses; Its simple decorated arm, plastic front and finishes with a mix of acetate and rubber that allow the glasses to adapt well. They come in a calibre 50mm.

Gucci small sunglasses

Smith Questa

The Smith brand often makes glasses in a larger calibre, but this model has a measurement of 50mm and a bridge of 19mm. Glasses with superior quality lenses, a carefree spirit and great comfort. A casual and innovative choice!

Smith sunglasses


MaxMara MM Needle I

This MaxMara model has everything to succeed: The cream colour is elegant, the double bridge represents a trend that is impossible to escape this season, the gradient lenses bring that mysterious and sophisticated air and with a calibre 49mm it ticks all the boxes to become your next glasses.

Max&Mara sunglasses

Carrerino 14

If your face is really very small and all the glasses just slip through your nose, we recommend you think about Junior models. They will be much more comfortable and will adapt better to your facial structure. You will find coloured and mirrored lenses, but you can also find more earnest models. The Carrerino 14 sunglasses have a calibre 46 & a bridge width of 18mm.  Keep an eye on the price, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Carrera Junior sunglasses

Small glasses for small faces there is a great collection in every brand! Just ask us and we will advise you on what you need for you to get it right.


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