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Ray-Ban Signet, the revival!

Fashion is a cycle, but when it returns it does so with a new edgde… and Ray-ban have done it again. These sunglasses had been iconic once before and now the Ray-Ban Signet has been renewed and revived. With the relaunch of these glasses, Ray-Bayban are returning back to the squared frame that they created 60 years ago in a must have for the season.






The new Ray-Ban Signet is made from metal. Its structure is designed with a flat bar and has a double bridge which gives it that special vintage touch. One of the details that goes without a miss are the long, fine arms with horizontal streaks that follow the design from the front.






Another special charateristic of the Ray-Ban Signet are the lenses. You can find them with the classic or with gradient lenses, to last a lifetime. You can also find these glasses in 2 different sizes (they are unisex) and in addition, they are available in various colours.









As with the Ray-Ban Clubmaster and the Wayfarer, the Ray-Ban Signet has come to stay. Buy the pair that you want and have them delivered to you by tomorrow with a 43% discount at


If you are a vintage lover, then these are the glasses for you.


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