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Popular sunglasses in spring 2017

The time changes and we change, but especially when it comes to this time of year. What happens when the days are longer, warm and sunny? Some speak of hormonal revolution, others of the most intense manifestation of life, but we are talk about most popular sunglasses for spring. Want to know what to enjoy for this seasonal revolution? Read on!

The sun is directly responsible for the majority of our behavioural changes. You want to get out more and interact more often than usual, this isn’t uncommon, but quite the opposite. It is a chemical change in both human beings and other living beings, where the body experiences sensations that push it to feel more active. 

However, it is said that during the first two weeks, there are people who may experience fatigue, sadness and lack of energy, what is known as Spring Asthenia

For both those who are happy and active and those who suffer during these first few days or weeks of fatigue, the sunglasses return to be the indisputable accessory and the best, is what we have!

Dior Umbrage

The French house has launched this an extremely spring model for this season. An essential accessory for flowers and colour lovers. Aimee, from The Song of Style, already looks and will soon become the new hit of Dior. You can see for yourself, that this is a luxury accessory that can be found in up to five different colours. The special feature of these 2017 spring sunglasses is that on three of their models the lenses have a printed pattern on them. There’s no need to describe them further, just take a look.


This brand will be a great success this summer. They are comfortable, light and have that fresh and casual spirit of the flip flops that we love to wear when the weather is good. There are many different models and almost as many colours as the rainbow. Be the first to show them off!

Ray Ban The Ja-Jo

When we all thought that Ray Ban could not surprise us any more, they come out with the Ray Ban Ja-Jo: Unmistakable, boho-chic style ideal for good weather, light and with that semitransparent lens that you’re looking for. In addition, it comes in a medium size to favour all types of faces. Choose the colour you like best and, work it!

Super By Retrosuperfuture Tuttolente Flat Top

If you are innovative and like the futuristic look, then these are your sunglasses! Take the risk and enjoy Super by Retrosuperfuture. You will not go unnoticed and, moreover, not a single ray of sun will pass into your eyes thanks to its large lenses. Discover all the models of this amazing Italian brand!

Police Rival 9 Neymar Junior Special Edition

This metallic double-bridge model has an elegant style but does not lose its freshness. Designed for men but very successful with the ladies. Put aside the conventional and bet on your own character. With this one you will be a hit!

On our website you will find a very extensive catalogue with the new products in 2017’s spring sunglasses. All colours and models and with free delivery and returns. Enter & shop!????


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