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Oakley Frogskins, A Lifestyle


The Oakley Frogkins sunglasses are the crown of the Oakley Company. Their eighties style, their varied colours and especially their technology have made these sunglasses one of the most popularly sold from the Californian-based company.


What do these sunglasses have that they are still a selling hit for over 20 years? In terms of history, they started producing in 1985 and since then many celebrities have worn them especially from the world of sports. Today they are manufactured in more than 50 colours.

The unisex frame is caters to both men and women and because they are lightweight you won’t even realise that you are wearing them.



Celebs wearing their Oakley Frogskins: Cara Delevingne – Fernando Alonso – Rihanna


It’s hard to believe that with their success in the 90’s Oakley stopped manufacturing. It was in 2007 when Oakley Frogskins returned to the top where they had been before. Since then, this model of Oakley has been released in several versions. Today we can find more than 20 Frogskins each with a different twist.







The essential feature of the Oakley Frogskins is the technology. Their lenses are made from plutonite and this is to offer the maximum UV protection to filter 100% of the UVA, UVB and UVC rays. Their frames are of O-Matter leading to resistance to tension. The sunglasses are light and durable but still has comfort.

Initially, the hinges on the pins were of metal but little by little, it was replaced by, hinges integrated in the rods.








Oakley Frogskins 9013

The Oakley Frogskins 9013 model sets them apart from all other versions.






Oakley Frogskins LX

Oakley Frogskin LX are characterised by their acetate frame, larger metallic hinges that are narrower than the Oakley Frogskin line.








Oakley Frogskins Valentino Rossi

Oakley Frogskins Valentino Rossi, if someone wears these sunglasses, they are undoubtedly an athlete or a sports lover. In tribute to the motorcycle driver, they launched a special edition of these sunglasses with the Italian’s favourite colours. One of its peculiarities is its fire iridium lens; that is, with mirror lens effect that reduces glare making the vision more comfortable. As an added bonus, you will find the number of Rossi’s T-shirt on the inside of the glasses.






Other Oakley Frogskins collections


Frogskin Cristal Collection




Frogskin Jungle Collection



Frogskin Surf Collection




Frogskin Moto Collection




This is only a small sample of the Frogskins sunglasses that Oakley offers. If you want to see more colours and models, check out our website


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