The Kardashian Clan Sunglasses

Being one of the most famous media families in the world means being in the spotlight 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Everything the Kardashians wear, ends up becoming a trend. That is why “Kardashian sunglasses” is a very habitual pursuit. What glasses are these girls wearing? Let’s focus on Kim, the most popular of them all.

First there was the Three Graces by Rubens and then the Kardashians came along with a new kind of sexy. The voluptuous body of the second eldest sister has as many supporters as detractors. Their curves and its unmistakable style have catapulted it to the covers of magazines and prime time television. Her previous friendship with Paris Hilton, her x-rated video with singer Ray J and her marriage to rapper Kayne West are the set of circumstances that has always kept her in the spotlight.

Her fetish accessory? Sunglasses!

We present the Kardashian sunglasses of excellence!


Celine is one of her favourite brands. The celebrity opts for oversized glasses that covers most of her face. The gradient lenses offer a sensual air that  make them favourable to look and to see.

Fall in love with this straight frontal model.

Celine Shadow CL 41026/S-FU9-58DV


The Kardashians are not one of those families that need to borrow clothes and accessories; They don’t need to. However, now  they’re competing in their style with another female: Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner) – the clan’s stepfather. Now she is a woman and very feminine, She has published his biography, which promises to reveal the most torrid secrets of the family

The family love the limelight, with scandals and when it comes to dressing, however their sunglasses are elegant and less the over the top. These Givenchy sunglasses are one of their most repeated accessories.

Givenchy GV7002/S-D28 (E5)


Kim loves makeup and making up. Not only does she pay attention to the contouring technique on her face but her eyes are one of its strengths. However, during the day she ALWAYS sports huge sunglasses. On many occasions, like these of Versace, with decorated temple arms.

Versace VE4319-GB1/87


If anything is clear is that these girls are passionate about luxury, and that less is more is far from their philosophy. Bvulgari is another of their great bets; Accessories of superior calibre, like all its characteristics, but very elegant.

Bulgari BLACK BV8133-501/8G

Any sunglasses with a calibre bigger than 58mm,  that come in a black or dark coloured frame, with gradient lenses, and are made from acetate with shiny finish are candidates to be like ‘Kardashian sunglasses’. If you like her style, take note!


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