Hokana Sunglasses, Californian essence


Today we introduce you to a new brand of sunglasses that transports us to the deserts of California – Hokana Sunglasses. So what do these sunglasses have that the rest don’t? If anything defines them is that Hokana Sunglasses are sun&fun!






The Brand

The name of the brand Hokana refers to one of the indigenous languages spoken in California and Mexico. Its first collection, Yana takes its name from one of the family of languages spoken at that time, namely a language that spread through Northern California around The Sacramento River basin.







Yana Collection

This is the first collection to launch Hokana Sunglasses, inspired by the mythical sunglasses that have marked a trend throughout the years. Its combination of curved and straight lines results in a design that favors all kinds of faces and the best and to top it off- They are unisex.




Yana Collection is made up of 15 sunglasses that combine frames with vibrant colours and mirrored lenses fitting right in with the latest trends. Take a look at the 15 colours available:






















What Hokana’s do I choose?

You’ve decided that you want a pair of Hokana sunglasses but don’t know which one to choose. In this collection, there are 3 types of finishes and 2 types of lenses:



Shine finish:

This finish is the most well known. The shine finish is available in black and havana.




Rubber finish:

This finish is soft to the touch and brings a touch of originality to any look. You can get the rubber finish sunglasses in black and white.




Crystal effect:

This finish is transparent and is ideal for more of a summery look. The crystal effect finishes is available in pink, red, blue, transparent and grey.




Mirrored lens:

They have set the trend in recent months and are essential for the freshest looks. In the Yana Collection, you can get the mirrored lens in blue, green and red.




Solid lens:

These are, simple put- a classic lens, a basic lens that will never let you down. These lenses are available in brown and dark grey.







The Hokana glasses are made from the highest quality materials. The frames are made with Polyamide, a material that is widely used in aeronautical engineering. This material makes the glasses very resistant to bumps and scratches, they are very lightweight and can resist very high and low temperatures without being altered. In addition, all Hokana lenses are polarised. This type of lens has a special filter that blocks reflections and allows the passage of the useful light, keeping the naturalness of actual colours and contrasts.



Hokana Sky Grass – Yana 09



Hokana Black Chaw Grass – Yana 03



Hokana Peace Flame – Yana 10




Ideal glasses for the summer

Hokana sunglasses are ideal during the entire summer for 3 reasons:


1. Non metallic hinges: the hinges are made from the same material as the frame, so that you can wear them at the beach and use them in the pool without fear of them getting rusty, like other glasses that have metal pieces.

2. Polarised lenses: their lenses are polarised and therefore avoid the uncomfortable glare caused by the sun over water and sand in the warm days of summer.

3. Dark lenses: the Hokana lenses are a dark tone so you can get a better view during the sunniest part of the day.





You can buy Hokana Sunglasses on our website at irresistible prices.


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