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Hexagonal Sunglasses: The latest Ray-Ban

We are all now used to Ray-Ban with their signature retro style with a very modern touch.


Now the popular brand has surprised us all with their new glasses- they’re hexagonal! Their well-know frame shapes are: aviator, oval, round and square and now they have added hexagonal glasses.


gafas hexagonales ray-ban gafas hexagonales


Ray-Ban’s RB3548N are not just your average sunglasses. What makes this model different, besides his extravagant shape; it’s the material – Ray- Ban uses: metal. Ray- Ban metallised its new model incorporating gold metal in its flat frame. What Ray-Ban gives you with the metal frame is very light glasses. For the design of these new sunglasses, Ray-Ban travelled back to the 80’s and was inspired by the style of glasses that were in fashion at the time.


The RB3548N are the latest from the Ray-Ban collection. They are available in 6 colours to go with the style that suits you the best.














Ray-Ban metal collection

The RB3548N or now know as hexagonal sunglasses form part of the Ray-Ban metal collection. The collection also includes the Ray-Ban metal oval.




The Ray-ban metal is going to become an essential accessory for any season. You just need to choose the one you want!



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