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Gucci glasses & their vintage style


The basic t-shirts are coming in hard this spring, especially the ones designed by Gucci. But what has the brand done to conquer all corners of the world? The answer is simple: Design t-shirts and jumpers with their logo on it and and a touch of vintage. 


camiseta gucci




Bloggers & the Gucci 2017 t-shirts

Bloggers around the world are already wearing their Gucci t-shirts, combining them with very different styles. The new Gucci t-shirts look phenomenal adding a feminine flare when worn with a pencil skirt and a waist belt. They look just as good when going for an urban/ casual look.

blogger gucci




Gucci featured glasses



The well-known Gucci logo with red and green lines not only slays on clothing but also reaches its sunglasses. Since the brand launched its collection of sunglasses, you will find that most of them glasses carry the logo, especially on the arms. 





Within the extensive collection of Gucci sunglasses we also find some designs with a marked vintage style. Extra large glasses with coloured lenses and shapes reminiscent of the 60s and 70s. These sunglasses are designed to not go unnoticed. You just have to look at them to know that the essence of Gucci is behind them. 






If the Italian firm has been characterised since its inception, it has been by its luxury. Gucci brings sophistication to your life. An extravagance that has been converted into an object of desire by many. Giant frames with crystal lenses, pearls, floral motifs and 70’s style amber and green lenses that give life to this yearned for collection.




Let’s combine some of these sunglasses with basic wear to give them the prominence they deserve. It’ll be a sure bet as you enter into the new spring season.


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