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Try Before You Buy With Our Virtual Tester

Withsunglasses.co.uk now offer users the opportunity of testing the glasses before buying them.

The big question when buying products online is will it suit me? Withsunglasses.co.uk now offer users the opportunity of testing the glasses before buying them with our virtual tester offering a better buying experience.
Since the beginning of the year, we released this practical section that allows you to see the glasses on your face through your webcam. The virtual tester appears on the screen and the user can see the model selected. It also offers the possibility of uploading a photo, a very useful option available both in PC and mobile. Try before you buy in the comfort of your home through the virtual tester and/ or photo. An easy solution to your big problem.


The tool represents a revolution in the shopping experience. Almost 30% of the frequently asked questions are about the shape of the glasses, their size, how they will look, and the virtual tester seeks to solve them.

In just a few weeks, the Virtual Tester has become a success. Users can get an idea of ​​how the glasses are suited to their face, which encourages them to make their transactions: The data amounts to almost 2% with respect to those who did not use the tester.

At this time, a lot of shopping is done by everyone: We start the sunny season and consumers are on the hunt for their sunglasses for spring/ summer 2018. In the online sector, Black Friday and Christmas are also very strong seasons and the Virtual Tester represents an improvement to the shopping experience for thousands of users and will facilitate the last step: The purchase.
The WOW experience with great discounts on big brands, free deliveries and returns, with deliveries in 24 hours, now that is WOW! From home, from a cafe, or out and about, users can try their model of choice just by accessing the phone or PC camera. Our optical shop has hit a home run with unbeatable prices and its virtual tester.


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