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Chromapop lenses revolutionises the world of sunglasses

The brand of Smith sunglasses is characterised by creating models with high quality lenses. If we thought we had seen everything in sunglasses, we were very wrong! Chromapop technology is revolutionizing the visual landscape, and those who experience challenges outdoors are choosing these elite models.

What is Chromapop technology?

The sunglasses with Chromapop technology are the latest in high performance sunglasses. They have unique characteristics because they improve visual quality, they offer you clarity, allowing shapes and colours to be seen in their true form without the need of effort. The vision is much sharper with this technology patented by Smith.

Sharpen your view: Offering brightness and clarity.

Immediate Advantages: Facilitates recognition of reality without your eyes straining too much.

Speed: Trust and clarity play in your favour so you can get faster and farther.


How does Chromapop work?

The retina often has difficulty distinguishing between the perception of light blue and green and light green and red. Chromapop manages to filter these points of intersection to guarantee greater definition, more natural colours and more clarity.

Chromapop filters the light at two specific wavelengths to prevent the brain from confusing colours. The lens provides greater definition, a more natural colour and unmatched clarity to get more definition in details.


Types of Chromapop lenses

Chromapop With the impact-resistant carbon lenses, the details will stand out.


Optically adjusted for added visual comfort and better impact protection. In addition, they integrate an anti-reflective layer that resist water and grease. 100% protection against UV rays.


Chromapop Polarised Lenses Impact-resistant carbon lenses will stand out because of its enhanced details and glare reduction They have been adjusted from the optical point of view for greater visual comfort and impact protection with a better reduction of glare. In addition, they integrate an anti-reflective layer that is resistant to water and grease. 100% protection against UV rays.



Polarised + Chromapop Lenses Highlight colours and avoid glare with the clearest, lightest and most durable polymer lenses available. They bring more clarity than our traditional ChromaPop lenses and are 10% clearer for you to be comfortable all day. In addition, they integrate an anti-reflective coating, resistant to water and grease. 100% protection against UV rays.  




These sunglasses are designed to be be enjoyed in both water and on land. Smith presents a wide colour palette for you to choose the one that suits you best for each situation. Look at the picture and get it right it with your glasses!


Smith Lowdown

The Lowdown is the Smith iconic model. Its lines are very attractive and its composition and shape offer absolute comfort. It has a distinctive nasal bridge and offers an original style with a lightweight frame and clear impact resistant lenses. In addition, the megol nose pads are ideal for a perfect fit. ChromaPop™ polarised lenses provide the highest level of colour enhancement and clarity.

The Chromapop technology is integrated in different colours of this model.


Carlos Sainz, brand ambassador

The driver of the Toro Rosso team is the new ambassador of the brand of Smith helmets and sunglasses. Carlos Sainz Junior, who is a born athlete, stated the at Smith he has found a partner who shares his dedication to fuse his athletic life with the passion he puts into everything that he does. The young driver also opts for the Lowdown model for each challenge.



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