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Complete Your Wish List for Christmas

Christmas is coming and millions of people around the world are preparing for the big day. Some are planning what clothes to wear, some are thinking about the good food and what to get their loved ones, while others are looking forward to Father Christmas coming for a visit because they have been so well behaved. Let us help you to complete your Christmas list before it’s too late. 

Find the Christmas symbol for a delivery in 24 hours

If you have left it to the last minute, look for the glasses that come a with an immediate delivery by choosing the model that has the Christmas 24 hour delivery symbol. Look at the following example:


In this case, the Ray-Ban ® Clubround RB4246 in colour 990 has the DELIVERY IN 24H symbol. Also, take a look at the availability- it confirms that the delivery will be made in 24 working hours. You must bear in mind that this model is available in this colour for immediate shipping, and may not be the same for all colours and sizes. Let’s see the following example.


If you do not see the 24 hour delivery symbol, and the availability of the glasses reads AVAILABLE. You can buy it, but it will take around 10 working days, which means you will not have it in time for Christmas.

Place your order as soon as possible

It’s peak season and courier services are usually saturated due to the high demand that occurs around this time. What usually works us in low season, becomes a risk at Christmas time. To keep an eye on your package, use the tracking number that we send to you by email and/or text once the item is ready to be sent out for delivery.

If you want to gift a present at Christmas, we recommend that you order your glasses with delivery in 24 hours by 20th December at the latest. Remember that you must choose models with delivery in 24 hours.

If you are still in doubt, contact us to confirm and we will be happy to help.


Take note of the size

There are some sunglasses models that come in just one standard size, but there are others that come in different sizes. Should you want a model that is available in different sizes, please continue reading… it’s important! Now you know how to check if your item will be delivered in 24 hours,  now you will need to look out for the IMPORTANT message if your glasses come in different sizes. For more information about the lens size click here. Take a look at this example: you can see that these glasses are currently in the 24 hour delivery, however the IMPORTANT message states that only the size 48 in available in the 24 hour delivery. If you change the size, your delivery will be made in up to 10 working days.  Make sure take note of the size before making the purchase.

Find similar models

If the glasses you wanted do not have the 24-hour icon, how about looking for different colour a similar model. If you can’t find any, ask us. Many brands design models with similar characteristics. Our team will advise you to make your choice a success! If you are not satisfied, you can change or return the product.

Virtual Tester

Many of the models that we offer you have the option of VIRTUAL TESTER. Thanks to this functionality you can try on the glasses with your computer’s webcam and take a photo on your mobile or PC. It is very simple! Try before you buy to avoid disappointment. Test it, love it, buy it!

We at work hard so that your orders arrive on time. If there is a problem we’ll contact you as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you for your trust in us & happy Christmas!


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