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Complete Your Wish List for Christmas

Christmas is coming and millions of people around the world are preparing for the big ...
11 December, 2018
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Try Before You Buy With Our Virtual Tester now offer users the opportunity of testing the glasses before buying them. The big question ...
29 March, 2018
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Vintage Glasses to Adore

They look old in appearance, but they are the latest in sunglasses and are a ...
2 February, 2018
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Sunglasses Sales!

January is the month of the resolutions, new beginnings and, of the sales! And in ...
3 January, 2018
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Winter Sunglasses To Keep Your Eyes On!

It’s time for nights in with a hot chocolate on the sofa and blanket, right? ...
29 November, 2017
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Halloween Vibe with Scary Discounts

The night of the dead is here! The 1st November is a day (in certain ...
27 October, 2017
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Summer Trends: The models taking centre stage this summer 2017

Paraphrasing the saying: new summer, new look. Do you want to know what types of ...
7 June, 2017
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Glasses for oval faces, choose your favourites!

All face shapes have a type of frame shape that favours them more. Depending on the ...
6 June, 2017