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Autumn Gives Way for the New, in Sunglasses

This autumn has felt like the most nostalgic season since the year started. The summer season, ends to give way to a stage of transition that leaves behind the outdated and welcomes the new changes. That’s why we took the opportunity to present the autumn trends in 2017 sunglasses. A clue? Everything always comes back!

Mix of Colours

The warm tones are mixed with darker colours, but this time the most striking colours leave a gap for the more autumnal looks. The most eye-catching combinations are not only for summer, they extend their stay to the autumn, where they feel comfortable and stand out more than ever. An example of this is this collage with a sample of Gucci autumn sunglasses 2017.

Gucci sunglasses

Autumn: Less More is More

Everything has its trend and we welcome the return of Baroque. Floral prints, geometric patterns, stripes, embroidery, ruffles and ties. The glasses are not lagging behind. There are real jewels, for those with deep pockets, like these Gucci cat-eye frame with embedded crystals. These glasses come in a velvet hard case, a microfiber cloth and is a real treat for this autumn!

gafas de sol gucci swaroski

Party Night Glasses

Who said that sunglasses were only for the day was wrong. Marc Jacobs is a specialist in designing authentic glasses for the craziest and most festive nights. Leopards and roses, golden, cat-eye, daring combinations that throw out the ordinary. Do you like a risky look? Bet on Marc Jacobs:

Marc Jacobs Otoño

The American brand presents a very personal style that makes you fall in love or detest. This model is one of the most desired because it combines the round trend with the oversized lenses, coated in gold. Welcome nineties!

gafas de sol Mar Jacobs

Cosmetic Lenses

This year, cosmetic lenses have revolutionised the sunglasses market: quality, lightness and lower filters so that we can wear our glasses until the time we want. Ideal for the autumn! The models seen in the bottom photo are from Polaroid; Right are the PLD 2053S, while you’ll find on the left the, PLD 4052S. Discover the variety of colours they come in fall in love!
gafas de sol Polaroid


The unconventional look never goes out of style, it’s simply renewed. The new Carrera is irresistible. Sunglasses for men, who look for a casual yet serious image. It has a name and surname: Carrera 1006 / S- metallic structure, double bridge and vertical union bridge, large calibre and a square shape. In addition, you can find it in four different colours. Love the glasses? Love the price! 

gafas de sol Carrera

A Must Have

If there are sunglasses to which we must worship, it’s the: Celine Shadow. The design of a luxury brand that creates true gems combined with an imposing frontal. Where there’s a shadow, there’ll be light! 

gafas de sol Celine

This short tour of the autumn must haves gives us an idea of ​​what glasses are worn this season. Look at our website, ask us if you have any queries and buy!





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