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If you have taken a walk through the streets, especially if it’s surrounded by Fashion Week you would have been able to see the latest fashion trends including the latest in sunglasses.

Today we will show you the sunglasses star, that take to the streets in winter to complete the more casual looks. So you don’t miss out,  we have the 5 best sunglasses that the Instagrammers of the moment have succumbed to.



1. RayBan

Despite being a veteran, this model of sunglasses never seems to get old. The RayBan aviator continues to be the extra add- on to complete what’s in your wardrobe. Perfect to complete any look there is no brand that has not wanted to follow in the footsteps of RayBan. Add the pilot frame to your collection of glasses. If you want a pair of timeless sunglasses, then these are for you.

Combine your sunglasses like Instagrammer Julie Sariñana does with worn jeans, slogan printed grunge t-shirt and flat shoes.


Right: Julie Sariñana with a casual look. Left: RayBan Aviator Large metal II (£87)




2. Dolce&Gabbana

Another essential model of sunglasses are ones that have actually been inspired by the Ray-Ban Wayfarer; they are almost the same but with metal with plastic frame. With this type of Dolce&Gabanna sunglasses, you are able to adapt it easily to suit your style.

Combine with: cute styles, long dresses and cross over bag just like Lovely Peppa.



Right: Lovely Pepa wearing the new season’s Dolce&Gabbana. Left: Dolce&Gabbana DG4277 (£175)



3. Céline

The thick frame has made a surprise comeback this season. If there is a brand that has been able to turn the baroque style into an essential accessory for the sunny days, it is the famous house of Céline. These thick frames have been the companion on many celebrities’ travels.

Combine with: a pair of jeans, t-shirts & trainers like Collage Vintage.



Right: Collage Vintage sporting the new glasses of the season by CÉLINE. Left: CÉLINE 41101 (£259)




4. Dior

They made their first appearance last and this season and are still going strong today as the star of this new season. We are talking about the Dior So Real. As per everything in the House of Dior, these shades do not go unnoticed. They are characterised by its architectural design, its futuristic frame and the colour of their lenses.

Combine with a leather jacket, a simple t-shirt and some heeled cowboy boots.



Right: Chiara Ferragni modelling the sophisticated DiorSoReal. Left: DiorSoReal (£315)




5. Chloé

Fashion is a cycle, everything returns and what has come back again is the round frame inspired by the 70s. However these lenses haven’t come back in usual way, they have come back with a twist on the circular frame. Just have a gander at what Chloé has on offer.

Combine with a black dress and high rise wedged boots.



Right: Song of style sporting maxi round sunglassed. Left: Chloé (£204,82)


As you can see, sunglasses are coming in all shapes and sizes this winter. All you need to do is to choose which ones suit your face and your style and once you’ve chosen, you’ll find everyone following your look.



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