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Dior glasses that have to be yours this year

It’s a brand that has long been desired by many, in clothing just as much ...
12 March, 2019
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Complete Your Wish List for Christmas

Christmas is coming and millions of people around the world are preparing for the big ...
11 December, 2018

Music festivals start with Coachella

The time of music festivals has started around the world with one of the coolest ...
12 April, 2018
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Try Before You Buy With Our Virtual Tester now offer users the opportunity of testing the glasses before buying them. The big question ...
29 March, 2018

65% of the team are Women

Six different nationalities, an age range between 28 and 62 years, nine mothers, a grandmother, ...
8 March, 2018
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Street Style Sunglasses at Milan Fashion Week

On the inside designers are exhibiting their new collections with the next trends, while one ...
1 March, 2018
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Vintage Glasses to Adore

They look old in appearance, but they are the latest in sunglasses and are a ...
2 February, 2018
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The Colour of 2018 is Very Provocative. Will You Dare ...

Lee Eiseman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute, represents the most important Colour Consultant ...
15 January, 2018